Verona – Century Communities

Verona, a residential community, consists of approximately 45.7 acre parcel of land located just north of State Highway 470, west of Lucent Boulevard, and south of County Line Road/McLellan Reservoir.  This development is intertwined in the existing Highline Canal Trail that passes through many parks and other amenities winding 71 miles between Aurora and Roxborough State Park.  Verona is targeted to accommodate residents 55 years and older; who desire to downsize their existing homes while enhancing their active lifestyles.  This community promotes an active lifestyle while minimizing the need for exterior building maintenance and metro district manicured landscaping.  The Tuscan … Read the rest “Verona – Century Communities”

Climbing Mountains and Finding Innovative Solutions: Paragon’s Michael Goodhue

Michael Goodhue is a Civil Engineer at Paragon Engineering Consultants, Inc. whose work consists of stormwater hydrology and hydraulics analysis, storm sewer modeling, and water modeling. Goodhue designs road and site grading and produces reports for submission to regulatory agencies and municipalities, also addressing comments and concerns for Paragon’s partner agencies, municipalities, and clients.

“I enjoy the varied technical challenge of my work,” Goodhue says, “And solving problems with difficult-to-surmise solutions.”

When he’s not applying his problem-solution skills in the office, Michael applies these abilities in a unique matter through climbing, which he tries to fit in (along with running … Read the rest “Climbing Mountains and Finding Innovative Solutions: Paragon’s Michael Goodhue”